About RegenMed Health Centers

Wellness Clinic & Medical Clinic located in Medical Center, San Antonio, TX

RegenMed Health Centers is an outstanding health and wellness practice serving the San Antonio, Texas community. Under the leadership of skilled physician Ellen Lin, MD, the practice is a highly sought-after resource within the region. 

Medical weight loss is the primary focus of the practice, assisting patients in reducing their risk of chronic disease by reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. 

DNA testing provides practitioners with the information needed to craft customized treatment plans. Patients appreciate the ability to review in-depth information about how their body is functioning, as well as the opportunity to assess risk levels for various health conditions. 

For San Antonio, Texas, residents seeking research-backed treatments firmly rooted in science and medicine, RegenMed Health Centers has much to offer. Call today to schedule a phone consultation, or book online in just a few clicks.