DNA Testing

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DNA Testing

Thanks to advancements in medical technology, DNA testing offers a powerful glimpse into how your body functions. At RegenMed Health Centers in San Antonio, Texas, Ellen Lin, MD, utilizes DNA testing to guide treatment planning, creating therapies aligned with your unique set of needs. To book a phone consultation, simply call during normal business hours, or schedule online in just a few clicks.  

DNA Testing Q & A

What kinds of things can DNA testing reveal?

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the hereditary information that makes you different from all other human beings. Put simply, DNA contains the blueprint for every cell in your body. It’s what dictates how tall you are and the color of your hair and eyes. 

DNA also “decides” many aspects of your health. Testing can reveal your risk level for various genetic disorders, including whether you will pass those genetic traits to your children. 

Do-it-yourself DNA test kits are designed to provide insight into your ancestry. They help you understand which parts of the world your ancestors originated from and potentially even  connect with distant relatives. 

Clinical DNA testing focuses on understanding how your genetics impact your health. Your practitioner uses your results to help you live your very best life, both today and in the future.  

What role does DNA testing play in treatment planning?

Some DNA testing is used for diagnostic purposes. This type of testing can look closely at a single gene and is a good approach when you notice symptoms or have a known family history of certain genetic conditions. 

Panel testing looks at multiple genes grouped into specific categories. Panel testing can reveal information about issues like short stature, epilepsy, certain cancers, and low muscle tone. 

One of the most powerful ways DNA testing can enhance your health is by clarifying your risk level for certain chronic diseases. Understanding which serious health conditions you’re predisposed to develop empowers you to work with your practitioner to structure a lifestyle plan that reduces your risk level. 

How do I know if hair analysis is right for me?

Each strand of your hair grows for 2-6 years before naturally falling out. Over that time, your hair “absorbs” certain substances, including toxins. Testing can help determine if you’ve been exposed to unhealthy levels of metals like mercury and lead. 

The root of each hair strand also contains genetic material. Testing the DNA in a hair root can reveal signs of disease or certain genetic conditions. Depending on your results, you may need additional testing to understand your health better.

If you have additional questions about how DNA testing might affect your overall health and wellness planning, call RegenMed Health Centers today to schedule a visit or book online any time of day.