Immune Support

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Immune Support

A strong immune system is a critical part of healthy living. When your system needs a boost, Ellen Lin, MD, of RegenMed Health Centers in San Antonio, Texas, offers immune support, which allows you to recharge and rejuvenate your natural immune function. To explore your options in greater detail, call the office to set up a phone consultation or book online in just moments.  

Immune Support Q & A

How can immune support enhance my normal immune function?

The human immune system is an astoundingly complex and impressive thing. Without any conscious effort on your part, your immune system defends your body against attacks by invaders like fungi, bacteria, toxins, and viruses.

You’re born with basic immune defenses, including your skin and the mucous membrane that lines your respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts. If your body detects a potentially dangerous substance, it isolates, encapsulates, and kills that specific invader. 

You develop even more immune protection as you encounter various invaders over time. Vaccines help you build an even stronger level of protection during childhood. 

While your immune system is powerful all on its own, it can always benefit from immune support. There are many ways to boost your immunity and keep you as healthy as possible.  

How does immune support work?

Your practitioner helps you create an approach that best suits your needs. DNA testing provides personalized insight into your risk for various health problems and enables customized treatment planning. 

Medical weight loss

This personalized approach helps you reach a healthier weight without extreme exercise or highly restrictive diet plans. As you shed excess pounds, your immune response improves, giving you enhanced protection against disease. 

IV  infusion therapy

This popular health and wellness treatment delivers a powerful boost of micronutrients directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system entirely. There are specific nutrient blends that help your immune system function at peak levels. 

Hormone replacement therapy

Hormones play an important role in regulating your immune system. When your natural hormone production levels decline, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can restore optimal balance and support healthy immune function. 

Making meaningful lifestyle improvements can also deliver impressive results when it comes to immunity. 

Who benefits from immune support?

Everyone can benefit from immune support. Whether young or old, healthy or ill, giving your immune system the help it needs to thrive is always beneficial. 

Many people turn to RegenMed Health Centers for immune support after struggling with frequent health problems for years. Often, comprehensive immune support creates measurable improvements.

The techniques used to boost your immune function also have wide-ranging positive effects on your overall health and wellness. Supporting your immune system means supporting all of the organs and systems of your body. 

When you’re ready to begin, call or reach out online to schedule a consultation at RegenMed Health Centers.